All the rates are expressed in US dollars and can be changed at any time without previous notice. Rates for groups are upon request.†


The reservation center is our office in Buenos Aires: Defrantur Argentina (EVyT 10353 Disp 173/01) 3178 Tres Arroyos St.† (C1416DEB) Ė Buenos Aires Ė Argentina. Tel/Fax: *54 (11) 4583-4193.††††††††† * All requests must be submitted by e-mail or fax.

All requests must have this information:† †††††††††††- FULL NAME, Nļ of Passengers, specify if there are any children and their ages;


- WAY OF TRANSPORTATION: Airline Company (with flight number), Cruise or Bus.

Please let us know if any of the passengers needs special assistance, honey moon or communicating rooms in the hotel.


Defrantur will confirm the reservation by email or fax with its number, net amounts due and way of payment. The subscription to the service will be made upon payment

Once the services/hotels are confirmed by Defrantur, we will automatically invoice the total amount due, which we should receive before the passenger's arrival. In exceptionally particular conditions, some hotels or service providers would require further anticipation. If this condition is not accomplished, the booking will be canceled.

DOCUMENTATION: All passengers, without any exception, must have their personal or family documentation (passport, visas, and vaccines) brought up to date on their account. If passengers are rejected by any authority or have their entrance to the country denied, the company releases itself from any responsibility, and any expenditure that may be originated from the cancellation of the services will be on the passengerís account.


All our services (accommodation and land arrangements) must be paid in our bank account according our instruction during the booking.

If the payment does not appear in our bank account on time, the service will be canceled.

For groups, the Tour Conductor can also pay when he/she arrives to Buenos Aires by American Dollars, Reais, Euros, Argentine Pesos or Travellers Check (in Buenos Aires the banks discount u$d 3.- for each Traveller, we suggest to use notes of u$d 100.-).

If the payment is in Pesos, they will be charged according to the quotation of the day.

VOUCHERS: The client will receive them after total payment. All passengers must have a voucher stating all the services to be provided. It will include our address and telephone, mobile and fax numbers, so that the passenger can contact us in case he/she arrives in a different flight, cruise or bus than he/she had once scheduled.

Boarding taxes in airports and cruise terminals are not included in our prices. The international flights' tax costs u$d 18.

Luggage: Our transfer prices include the assistance of our staff members and 1luggage + 1 hand bag per person. The extra luggage will have an extra cost, to be paid in the moment of transfers.


Cancellations must be formalized by e-mail or fax. The cancellation policy will be in accord to our suppliers (hotels, boats, buses, airline companies, tango shows, etc.). Defrantur will have the right to deduce ten per cent (10%) of the total amount for itself if a reimbursement is made by the companies that provide these services.

The passengers who don't show up at the date and time arranged by the operator for the services without a 24 hs warning will not get any refund and must compensate the Operator for the damages and/or expenses caused by their lack of accomplish.

Cancellation 96 hours before service will have u$d 30.- administration cost, with Less 96 hours will have u$d 50.- administration cost.

Refunds will not be made once the tour begins or when services are not provided because of the passengerís will.

LAW # 18.829, DECREE # 2.182/72, ARTICLE # 21

When a client desists of a service which had been confirmed by the agency, the refund of it will be subjected to the contractual conditions of the companies that provide such services. If refund is made, agencies will have the right to deduce ten per cent (10%) of the total amount for themselves. If a refund is made for a non-provided service, in the case that devolution is not immediately made, the agencies will have to send a confirmation of the solicited amounts by the passenger to the service supplier companies in five (5) days after the solicitation is made; as well as reimburse the correspondent amounts in ten (10) days after receiving the receipt of the respective settlement.


We will try to accommodate your request; however, if the hotel chosen by the passenger is not available by lack of vacancies, we will arrange a similar of better option. If, for a non-controlled reason, the only available hotel is of an inferior category or type, the client will be refunded with the difference paid. The extras, Personal expenses (laundry, phone calls) will be on the passengerís account.

The check-in starts at 03:00 PM at the day of the passenger's arrival and the check-out is at 10:00 AM of the departure day (time limit to leave the apartment). Those times should be respected apart from the arrival/ departure time of the excursion. The hotel will charge an extra day from the passenger if the check in /out is earlier or later those time.

In the case of booking a triple room, the client is aware that, in some hotels, tripe rooms are considered double rooms with an additional bed. The space and commodity limitations that this type of lodge could involve are accepted by the client, releasing the hotel and the Organization from any responsibility for it.

Cancellation in hotels Up to 7 days before arrival: will be in accord to hotels suppliers.

With 6 days or less: Hotels will charge one night (no-show).


Defrantur is responsible for the planning, organization and execution of the program and, even acting as an agent between the customer and the other service renders involved (physical or legal people), answers for the choice, in the terms of the Civil Law. Consequently, we will not be responsible for any act, fact or event where the contractual or legal responsibility is under other physical or legal people (being them direct or specific), as in the case of airlines, trains, cruises, buses, hotel services and local services hired, who will answer in the form of the law. The extra expenses will be on the passengerís account.

In case of technical or operational necessity, Defrantur reserves itself the right, in benefit of the tour programís accomplishment, to make changes in the program, as exchanging of overnight and inversion of itineraries without previous warning.

Although having responsibility in the terms of these general conditions, the Operator is not responsible for the expenses that may be caused by delays, loss or damages caused to the person or the property due to negligence or accidents of a person or company whose service was contracted; for serious delays, anticipation of schedules or itinerary changes due to the occurrence of strikes in trains, buses, cars, planes, ships; bad weather or atmosphere conditions (storms, snow, torments, natural catastrophes, hurricanes); government decisions; terrorism acts; thefts or steals; as well as other reasons of force majeure, accidental cases or any another reason. The personal expenses which may be caused by those circumstances are under the passengerís responsibility.


By joining a Defrantur program the client, individually or though a travel agency, declares to be aware of the terms of the contract and specific and general conditions of the program.

The client or Operator conforms to respect the settled time for services, according to proposed information or to be given by our staff.


In referring case of claims about the services rendering to the customer, they will have to be carried through by e-mail or fax to the Operator up to 30 (thirty) days after the services are finished. After this period, the relationship will be considered perfectly finished, leaving the Operator free of any responsibility.